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Emuroid Cream - formulated to give natural relief from the itching, pain and discomfort of haemorrhoids

  •   For mild to severe haemorrhoids

  •   Soothing and pain relieving

  •   Reduces swelling

  •   Lubricates

  •   Relieves itching

Emuroid Cream 
Despite the numerous jokes told about haemorrhoids (or piles) there is nothing very funny about suffering from them.  It is estimated that around 40% of people in the UK will have haemorrhoids at some time during their life. Emuroid Cream has been formulated to give natural relief from the itching, pain and discomfort that many haemorrhoid sufferers experience. As the name suggests one of the key ingredients is emu oil which has wonderful healing and soothing properties along with a combination of other natural therapeutic oils, including cypress oil and sweet marjoram oil, and emollients to reduce swelling and minimise chafing.

Emuroid is a non-staining formula that does not have a strange medicinal smell and so can be used discreetly at any time. It is best applied initially 4 times daily and is most effective when used both after each bowel movement and after bathing. If it is possible, a ten minute soak in a warm bath or bidet after a bowel movement and prior to Emuroid Cream application will increase the beneficial effects. Frequency of application can be reduced as the symptoms subside.

"I can't believe how quickly this product works. After three babies and years of discomfort. As soon as I applied your Emuroid Cream I could feel the difference, and a week later I am on my hands and knees playing with the children without wincing." Jan, West Mids

Pregnancy:  Although we believe that Emuroid Cream is perfectly safe to use during pregnancy we strongly suggest anyone who is pregnant and wishes to try Emuroid Cream to alleviate the discomfort of haemorrhoids to consult their doctor or gynaecologist before using this, or any other, therapeutic substance.

Delivery: P&P UK or EU 2.35  (Multiple purchases will reduce the P&P per item)

60ml:  4.95

120ml:  8.30


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