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Kiddie Kind Goat's Milk PLUS Moisturising Cream

Kiddie Kind organic goat's milk PLUS moisturising cream by Nature's Recipe

  •   Infant eczema

  •   Dry, flaky skin

  •   Soothes itching

  •   Promotes healing

  •   Chamomile & Vitamin E

Kiddie Kind Goat's Milk PLUS Moisturising Cream 
Natureís Recipe Kiddie Kind Range Ė for Precious Little People!

Just like the Ďadultí version Kiddie Kind Goat's Milk PLUS+ Cream has all the benefits of 70% organic raw goat's milk with the additional healing power of emu oil, a touch of Lavender Oil for it's soothing qualities and vitamin E to promote skin recovery. 

In addition, this formula contains Roman Chamomile, known for itís calming properties, which makes it ideal for babies and children made fractious by their problem skin, eczema or psoriasis. Also with calendula and apricot kernel oils for gentle moisturisation.  Can be applied at any time to ease itching, weeping and discomfort. Works particularly well applied after bathing to damp skin.

As up to 80% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies it is particularly important to use natural, non-toxic products on our babies and children. There are no nasty chemicals or strange substances in our products so you can use them with confidence.  All our products have been tested, assessed and approved by an independent chartered chemist.  

Many other goat milk creams on the market contain either dried goats milk or goats milk extract!  It's worth asking before you buy. Our creams contain only natural, fresh, organic goats milk to maximise it's healing potential.  This moisturiser is an ideal partner of Kiddie Kind Organic Goat's Milk Body Wash.


Delivery: P&P UK or EU £2.35  (Multiple purchases will reduce the P&P per item)

60ml:  £4.95

120ml:  £8.05


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