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Organic Wildflower Honey & Calendula Clarifying Masque

Organic Wildflower Honey & Calendula Clarifying Masque


  •   Normal to dry skin

  •   High in vitamins A & C

  •   Intensive moisturising

  •   Ylang ylang fragrance

  •   Rich in Calendulin & Carotene

Organic Wildflower Honey & Calendula Clarifying Masque 
Nature’s Recipe Organic Wildflower Honey & Calendula Masque has been specially formulated for normal to dry skin.  This masque delivers healing oils and tinctures in a soft gel masque to dull, flaky skin and is gentle enough to use frequently - up to 3 times a week. 

This masque includes calendula oil which is high in calendulin, carotene and vitamins A & C which helps to balance dry and irritated skin.  Also in this formula is honey for its superb moisturising properties and natural antibacterial qualities.  We use only food grade, organic wildflower honey in our formulas.

Wildflower Honey & Calendula Masque leaves your skin healthy and glowing and is suitable for normal to dry skin types.  Also available from Nature’s Recipe – Rosehip & Geranium Clarifying Masque for oily, combination and acne prone skin.

Each 60ml jar contains up to 15 applications.

Delivery: P&P UK or EU £2.35  (Multiple purchases will reduce the P&P per item)

60ml:  £3.75

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