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Get Glowing Natural Exfoliator

Get Glowing Natural Exfoliator

  •   All skin types

  •   Organic Cupuacu

  •   Refines and polishes

  •   Removes impurities

  •   Cocoa Butter for softening

  •   Citrus Oil

Get Glowing Natural Exfoliator

For an all-round complexion reviver this combination of natural ingredients makes Get Glowing a most effective exfoliator whilst guarding against moisture loss.  It works beautifully prior to the application of Nature's Recipe moisturisers and particularly before using SunWise Natural Self-Tanning Cream. As skin renews itself from beneath, an accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface can lead to a dull uneven complexion.  

Get Glowing is a wonderfully aromatic, zesty scrub to naturally exfoliate and refine your skin, gently polishing it soft and silky smooth.  With citrus oil for its natural toning and antibacterial properties, Get Glowing leaves your skin healthy and smooth and is suitable for all skin types. Also available  - Smooth & Renew Natural Exfoliator formulated specifically for dry/sensitive skin.

Get Glowing is of facial quality and so can be used on any external body area. 

For all-over exfoliation, Bikini Body Buff & Polish 120ml is a good alternative.

Delivery: P&P UK or EU 2.35  (Multiple purchases will reduce the P&P per item)

60ml: 4.95

120ml: 8.95


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