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Ageless Night-time Intensive Moisturiser

Ageless Night-time Intensive Moisturiser by Nature's Recipe

  •   Rejuvenating night-time formula

  •   Moisturising

  •   Anti-wrinkle

  •   Toning & firming

  •   With Citrus oils

  •   Vitamin E

Ageless Night-time Intensive Moisturiser
Apply Ageless Night-time Intensive Moisturiser before bed and the especially chosen rejuvenating ingredients will work while you sleep to ensure the maintenance of a firmer, young-looking skin.  We included emu oil for its excellent moisturising and skin balancing properties and citrus oil for it's ability to stimulate blood flow to the skin, giving it a brighter appearance and aiding the skins own restorative action. This moisturiser is packed with lots of wonderful ingredients - Rosehip oil for skin clarification, vitamin E to fight free radicals and Myrrh Oil to renew tired complexions - to name but a few.



Facial moisturiser for night-time application. Works best when applied to freshly cleansed face and neck.

Do not apply directly before sun exposure.



This moisturiser is the perfect partner to Ageless Day-time Replenishing Moisturiser.

Delivery: P&P UK or EU 2.35  (Multiple purchases will reduce the P&P per item)

60ml:  4.95

120ml:  8.95


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