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Organic Goat's Milk Body Wash 

Organic Goat's Milk Body Wash by Nature's Recipe

  •   Mild cleansing

  •   Eczema, psoriasis 

  •   Dry, sensitive skin

  •   Soothing & calming

  •   Shea butter & Chamomile

Organic Goat's Milk Body Wash
Cleanse the natural way with the gently foaming Organic Goat’s Milk PLUS Body Wash especially formulated for eczema, psoriasis and problem skin. 

It has all the benefits of organic raw goat’s milk and gentle, plant-derived cleansing agents.  Also, in this formula, we have included emu oil, shea butter and almond oil so your skin can be cleansed without drying it out, plus a touch of Roman Chamomile known for it’s healing and calming qualities. Perfect for bathing or showering.

Nature’s Recipe Organic Goat’s Milk PLUS Body Wash gently cleanses your skin while bringing all the benefits of superior moisturisation.  It is an ideal partner of Organic Goat’s Milk PLUS cream – available in our eBay shop. 

Also available – the baby and children’s version, Kiddie Kind Organic Goat’s Milk Body Wash.


Delivery: P&P UK or EU £2.35  (Multiple purchases will reduce the P&P per item)

100ml :  £4.99

250ml :  £10.50


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