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Sweet Feet 

Sweet Feet Healing and Deodorising Formula by Nature's Recipe

  •   Soothes itching

  •   Promotes healing

  •   Eliminates odour

  •   Fungicidal

  •   Bactericidal

Sweet Feet Healing and Deodorising Formula
Everyone likes to be able to sit back, relax and throw off their shoes!  If you suffer from athlete's foot or excessive foot perspiration this might not be such a good idea. Nature's Recipe have help at hand (or foot!).  Sweet Feet Healing & Deodorising Formula helps to combat fungal and bacterial infection while reducing the unpleasant odours associated with excessive sweating.  Sweet Feet contains a blend of ingredients, including petitgrain oil and marigold tincture, designed to condition, tone and deodorise the feet whilst any infection is cleared by the powerful natural fungicidal and bactericidal oils and tinctures. 

Apply up to 4 times daily. Sweet Feet works best when applied directly after bathing or soaking the feet in warm water.

"...so I'd like to say thanks again.... it cleared my athletes foot with just a few applications with the added benefit of softening the hard skin on my heals, leaving my feet feeling (& smelling) great." Gloria, Telford

Delivery: P&P UK or EU 2.35  (Multiple purchases will reduce the P&P per item)

60ml:  4.59

120ml:  7.99


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