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Emuroid Cream ".....I can't believe how quickly this product works. After three babies and years of discomfort. As soon as I applied your Emuroid Cream I could feel the difference, and a week later I am on my hands and knees playing with the children without wincing..."  Jan, West Mids

"I just wanted to email to say a big thanks to Nature's Recipe - I have already had painful surgery for piles about 7 years ago and was very worried when the problem returned. I really didn't want to go 'under the knife' again..... Buying your Emuroid Cream was a last resort and I am really glad I did.  It has made a real difference in only a matter of a couple of weeks. Thanks again" Tom, Manchester

Sweet Feet Healing & Deodorising Formula "...so I'd like to say thanks again.... it cleared my athletes foot with just a few applications with the added benefit of softening the hard skin on my heals, leaving my feet feeling & smelling great." Gloria, Telford

Happy Aphrodite ".....What a lovely product... so pleasant and easy to use, now I'm a happy Aphrodite without the annoying itch!" Andrea, Lancashire

Kiddie Kind Happy Nappy Baby Balm "....I had to email you to say how pleased I am with the purchases, the nappy cream is the best I've ever used - a real sore bum in morning almost gone by evening using this cream - it really does work. One of my twins really suffers with a sore bottom, I think this must be linked with her eczema as her twin is fine, the body wash helps too as does the Goat's Milk eczema cream. Thank you so much." Jan, Shropshire

Goat's Milk Plus Therapeutic Skin Care Cream "Thank you so much - I am using the cream and already it is brill!" Rick, Gwynedd

"I am ironing my posh sleeveless dress ready for a dinner party and I'll be wearing it thanks to you guys at Nature's Recipe.  Finally something to shift the psoriasis from my elbows.....  I can only see the faintest pink mark after only 10 days of using your cream where there used to be nasty, flaky patches.  I don't know what the 'plus' is but it has certainly worked for me (and my confidence). Best wishes to you..." Dora, Islington

I would appreciate it if you could get this cream to me ASAP as I have run out of the trial one I bought recently and this cream does the trick! I bought the cream for my daughter who is 12.  She has had a flare up of eczema recently after being free of it for 3 years.  Despite 3 trips to the GP (and endless prescriptions, mostly for steroid based creams) the only thing that has eased the itching and the rash associated with the eczema is the Goat's Milk PLUS cream. I am glad we have found a natural product that does the trick.

Do you have anything that we can use as a soap-alternative in a similar vein?  Many thanks, Debbie.

".....I purchased some items from you yesterday for the first time and received them today!! They are truly wonderful and even after two applications I can see improvement in my eczema!! I was wondering if you do or have any plans to do a liquid hand soap, hand cream or bath products? I find even the natural ones on the market SO drying and irritating to the skin. Hope to hear from you soon...Thank you so much!!"
Claire, Kent

Goat's Milk Therapeutic Skin Care Cream

Must tell you how great this cream is (sure you know).  I have psoriasis & I've pretty much tried everything: Prescription & homeopathic. This cream has damped down the inflamed areas so well that I am now no longer a walking snowstorm. It hasn't completely gone but it is so good that I can happily live with this. I would love the psoriasis sufferers of the world to know that there is some hope of a good quality of life.... so please feel free to use my comments as you see fit.  HUGE THANKS. Suzie

Hi, I am so happy I found this - my 2-year-old daughter suffers from eczema really bad and nothing has worked so far. I suffer it myself and know the pain she goes through. I sure hope this works... she is on a dairy free diet which is a little help..... Hi just a little message to let you know I got the cream yesterday and used it on her straight away and after her bath and this morning and her skin seems a lot less aggressive and less itchy so fingers crossed it is working and I will be DEFFO buying some more from you.... I look forward to hearing from you about the Soap-free cleansers and it won't be long before I buy some more goats cream as it is working amazing on her skin and we use it every day and night and whenever she is itchy. It's a god-send.  Danielle

Night Night Honey Intensive Moisturiser "I love this stuff - not only does it really soften my skin but the smell is delicious. Applying my Night Night Honey is part of my bedtime routine.   I admit I was a little sceptical about 'all natural' products but now I'm a total convert. Cheers, Nature's Recipe, keep up the good work!" Jessica, Essex

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